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"Technology for Restaurants"

From Billing to Stock Management. Captain Ordering App to Kitchen Display Systems. Customer Loyalty Programs to Integrated Feedback App. Third Party-Online ordering Integration to Online Ordering Website All on a Single Platform.

Built specially for Restaurants, Pubs, Bars, Cafes, QSRs, Cake, Bakery and Ice-Cream Shops.

Automate your restaurant operations & manage your business efficiently!

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Flip tables faster. Impress with an outstanding experience.

1) Seriously fast and powerful

Punch orders in less than 10 seconds. Store customer history, reward loyalty points, integrate with CRM, manage third-party orders.

2) Tableside Cloud POS

Capture orders and release KOTs directly to the kitchen. With a mobile POS that moves as your tables fill up.

3) Kitchen Display System

Cut the table-kitchen-table chaos with a robust Kitchen Display System and reduce your order processing time.

4) Inventory Management

Manage recipes, stock, consumption and purchasing. Reduce waste by knowing what’s likely to go waste, especially your high value ingredients.

5) Table reservations

Get reservations directly on your restaurant's website. Get real-time alerts, collect customer information and re-engage later.

Online Orders Integration with Restaurant POS

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Menu recommendations that $ell

Promote top selling dishes to guests that ask. Make use of automated recommendations based on your sales data. And sides and add-ons help your wait staff up-sell and impact your Average per customer (APC).

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"I Have Tried 11 POS Systems Before Settling Down With TMBill's POS.They Solve Massive Problems For The Restaurant Industry And Are The Best Technology Partner You Can Get."


Just what you need.

Cloud based intelligence

Works both Offline & Online

Lightning fast order taking with a cloud POS that backs up your data, let’s you operate remotely and keeps your data secure.


No space for bulky hardware. No more multiple trips back and forth. Take orders as they come and keep up the energy of a busy service.

Runs On Unlimited Devices

Atlantic POS is available for Android(Mobiles/Tabs) and Windows(Desktop/Laptop)


A 24x7 support & real-time live-chat support makes sure your business is always up & running.

Back-Of-House that keeps up with Front-Of-House

Fire tickets directly to the Kitchen, in real time.Stand back and watch orders fly.

Done in a few clicks

Clean design and less windows make navigation easy. So that using the tools are easy. And embedded video guides means staff train themselves, fast.

All operations under one system

Order taking, Order management, Billing and Kitchen management - your restaurant management system will do it all.

Anti theft

3-4% of your annual turnover can be saved by having a proper anti theft enabled POS. Build with top of the line features and robust access management.

Smart Analytics for a business that’s visible

Thoughtful analytics makes your sales, menu and outlet performance visible. Just the right data on a central dashboard and mobile app.

A little less math. A little more action.


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"Scaling up from 2 outlets to 35+ outlets within 2 years, TMBill has played major role in technology support It is a perfect solution to help us scale our franchise operations."


Raza Ahmed

MD & Founder
OneBite India

TMBill Atlantic POS

TMBill Atlantic is a modern, cloud-based POS software for Restaurants, Cafe, QSR, Bakery & Food Trucks.

1) Cloud based

-> Works both Offlne & Online.

-> Lightning fast order taking with a cloud POS that backs up your data, let’s you operate remotely and keeps your data secure.

2) Lightweight

No space for bulky hardware. Take orders as they come and keep up the energy of a busy service.

3) Manage Multiple Outlets

Manage multple stores with diffrent menu items.

Track oultet on Mobile Device.

4) Done with few Clicks

Easy to use on all mobile devices, simple UI/UX.

5) Availability

TMBill Atlantic POS is available for Android(Mobiles/Tabs) and Windows(Desktop/Laptop).

TMBill Pacific Offline POS

TMBill Pacific POS works Offline, developed and designed specific for stand-alone restaurant where the restaurant face internet issues.

TMBill Captain App wirelessly automates the ordering operations in the restaurants

1) Accept Orders Wireless

Wireless ordering support on android mobiles and tabs.

2) Smooth Operations

Punch the Order and print it in Kitchen directly.

3) Take Order on Table

Captain takes order of running table with clicks.

4) Done with few Clicks

Easy to use on all mobile devices, simple UI/UX.

And get more repeat business with customers that keep coming back for more

1) Customer initiated Loyalty programme

Customizable, transaction-based loyalty program to encourage repeat customers.

2) CRM

Get closer to the customer like never before through personalized high-quality customer interactions. Say the right thing at the right time with automated customer segmentation.

3) Feedback

A refreshing chat-based interface with customizable & personalized forms for more intelligent responses.

About Ajmer

Ajmer is a city in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. South of the city's artificial Ana Sagar Lake is Ajmer Sharif Dargah, the domed shrine of the Muslim Sufi saint Garib Nawaz. Nearby, a 16th-century palace built by the Mughal emperor Akbar now houses the Ajmer Government Museum, displaying armor and stone sculptures. A museum at the Indo-Saracenic–style Mayo College exhibits art and taxidermied birds.

Mutton, curry, Lal Maas, Chicken Biriyani are some of the sizzling non vegetarian food items that will stimulate the taste buds of every individual. Dal Baati Choorma, Lahsun Ki Chutney, Ker Sangri, Bajre ki roti, Moong Dal Ka Halwa, Ghevar, Rabdi are some of the best vegetarian dishes that are to be consumed during your stay in Ajmer. The taste of these lip smacking dishes along with the tempting Rajasthani Thali will fascinate all the food lovers. Apart from the regular dishes one must even try the chaat items and street food in the streets and local cafes of Ajmer. Samosa, Kachori, Kadi-Bhujje, Chaat, Bhel, Panipuri, Pav bhaji are to be enjoyed in the Ajmer streets

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